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black color medium firm temper ( stiff leather that will hold its shape) veg. Today's concealed carry pocket pistols and revolvers pack extra power in sleek, next-gen designs! or “tucked under the shirt” holster. Bluing is in decent shape for being almost 150 years old. Hard to find, this is a black leather holster made to accommodate the Colt, Remington and other revolvers. 46 rimfire, after they ponied up the royalty fee to Smith & Wesson and their fancy-pants bored-through revolver cylinders for metallic cartridges. Has all working parts. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1863 Remington 31 Cal, Pocket Pistol Black Powder Revolver Parts. Double click on above image to view full  Bayonet & Scabbards, Holsters, Leather Goods, cleaning kits, Wrenches, Powder Measures, & more. tanned cowhide leather. Win a Remington R1 The Pro Carry HD leather gun holster is made out of our comfortable heavy duty American leather for easy one hand re-holstering. Concealed Carry Holsters | Gun Holsters. Perhaps not as easily dismantled for cleaning the Remington 1858 was full framed and capable of bearing under greater abuse than the open-top design of the Colt. It's dinky with no trigger guard and only shoots a . made it possible to build a light holster pistol in . We do not mass produce these works of art. The Jay Pee tactical slide administrative 1863 Pocket Model holster Will try to get some pics up today between chores. How may we serve you? Pocket Pistoleros: America’s Concealed Carry Tradition The rarest of Colt’s 1862 Police models were those built with short 2- or 2. The Best Army & Navy 1851, 1858 and 1860 and 1871 Custom Leather Army and Navy Holster rigs are made in America. 2nd photo The bottom of the holster has the pinches end instead of the standard closure plug on the bottom. 31 cal. U. Guide Gear® Slim Jim Holster, for 1858 Remington Revolvers, 61/2" Barrel Western Leather Holsters : the real deal by Chisholm’s Trail. This . Info on all 37 back pocket holsters currently in production. 36 caliber. When the connection is made tell them you want nipples made specifically by Pietta for Pietta 1863 Pocket Remington . Wood handle grip still in great shape. Ive seen them going for $550-700 on different auction sites. Black standard, russet available 5 1/2" model also available Non-regulation available. Gun has some flaking of the blue on the left side, but no pitting. Customers must be over 21, and we require a copy of your driver's license for confirmation. quickly gained favor among civilians and security agents. The 1863 Pocket Remington, made by Pietta, is a pistol designed to fit in a coat pocket or other small space. Pocket pistols were a favorite hideout gun of gamblers, lawmen, bandits, storekeepers, and ladies. Features. 31 caliber Colt Pocket Percussion Revolvers, that evolved from As the factory designation implied, the Navy revolver was suitably sized for carrying in a belt holster. 1863 Leech and Rigdon revolver . Open Top Leather Holster - Black Powder - Left Hand, Left Hip capper • WonderLube™ 1000 Plus • . Produced by E. Also modified a JayPee 'CS' J frame holster that already had a second snap to hold my "I" frame Colt new Pocket . Remove the pistol and the holster stays right in place, does not even budge! CIVIL WAR Antique COLT Model 1849 Pocket REVOLVER. Sewn in toe plug. Right Draw Now I ship to Canada,UK, France All hand stitch no rivets Time to make 2 hours and 1  This little holster is made especially for the . #435PIEST - 1863 Pocket Remington Steel Revolver 3. After Colt, it was the Northern government's most purchased and issued pistol. 36 Caliber Bullet Mold. Dye: Saddle Tan Antique Made for a Pietta 1858 Remington army 5 1/2 barrel. In the Old West, there were a great variety of patterns and all were highly Description: This replica specimen represents the improvements to Remington’s pocket revolver of 1857, the New Model Pocket Revolver introduced in 1863. These 4150 arsenal grade steel conversions are drop-in style that allow the shooter to still shoot with their original black powder cylinder. 31 (+3) 3 rp6003 6302p nipple 4 rp6004 6303p cylinder pin 6 rp6007 6304p sight 8 rp6010 6305p hammer (10+11) A military flap holster will do just what you are asking for - they protect the revolver from dirt, water and scratches. The barrel is 3 1/2". Part Number L80. The holster has an intact single belt loop, magazine pocket, and leather closure tab, while the cover flap exhibits a partia Pistol Holster. However, the large frame Dragoon still required a special holster. The advent of the metallic cartridge gave us the classic double barrel . This sidearm, scaled down from the Remington Navy and Belt models, was one of some 18,000 factory alterations from a percussion cap and ball round to a metallic rimfire cartridge. My first goal was to compare my Remington . The Colt Revolving Belt Pistol of Naval Caliber (i. Holster can be modified to Colt 1860 or 1851 Navy, or Remington 1858 ~ $109. Free shipping. 31 albeit with a bit of barrel exposed. 380 ACP. Enjoy and share your thoughts Civil War Revolvers and Pistols, R & D Conversion Cylinder- Fall Creek Sutler Could be carried in a pocket or holster. 1863 Pocket Remington Brass . We offer conversion cylinders for Revolvers such as the 1847 Walker, 1848 Dragoon, 1849 Pocket, 1851 Navy, 1861 Navy, 1858 Remington, Manufactured from 1863 to 1888. Colt pocket conversion. 00. Remington New Model Police Revolver. With an 8-inch barrel and fewer parts to break, the 1863 production of 32,000 was almost completely consumed by the military. On the back of the holster it has the belt loop still present as you can see. Pocket Revolvers got the name because they fit easily into a coat pocket. Colt introduced the model as a black powder firearm for civilians. you just have to be sure it is deep enough while also wide enough to extract your weapon. Remington Revolvers and Grip Caps Remington 1858 New Army revolvers come with a bewiltering variety of different grip frame shapes and sizes. 45 LC. 31 cal, 5 shot revolver made of steel construction. It is modular, state of the art in-the-waistband and pocket holster. This pocket holster absolutely will not move out of position in your pocket. 1863 Remington Pocket Pistol Small size . This has an earlier (1st Model) BBL, Cylinder and recoil plate have their own S/N(remington did this to readily convert C & B's to Cartridge by selling these as a matched pair), Other S/N are the same, ALL parts have #15 Conversion number (Cyl/recoil plt. 36 Cal. This is Pietta of Italy’s excellent recreation of that original concealed carry revolver. Rare Apache Scout 7th Cav. too). Add to cart. . The large numbers of Starr revolvers purchased by the military is only surpassed by the Colt and Remington companies. The gun is not for sale; this means this holster is ready and I will ship the holster to you as fast I can get to the post office! Kimber's K6s has even more going for it than a pocket-size six shooter. Standard model fits '58 Remington, '51, '60, '73 Colts with a 7 1/2" barrel. Gun Holster fits Remington R51 Black Nylon Ambidextrous Use Left or Right Hand Has Built In Magazine Holder Adjustable Retention StrapGun Slinger Holster. A little smaller in size than the Navy . Remington & Sons 1863 Pocket Revolver. I would like to get The 1862 Pocket Navy retains the octagon barrel and hinged loading lever of the 1851 Navy, while the 1862 Police model is a miniature of the 1860 Army, with fluted cylinder, streamlined round barrel and “creeping” loading lever. The modern take is in the chambering: the original calibers are replaced by the contemporary . Worn with a belt or a thick backpack waist strap, this leather gun holster can do it ALL! Posts about Gun holsters written by Thanh N. The DeSantis Nemesis pocket holster will revolutionize pocket holsters. 36 had a 6. 36 cal), later known as the Colt 1851 Navy It is an enlarged version of the . 36- and . A . 31 cal Remington revolver made by Kirst. 36 and screws enters from the right side of the frame. The Remington New Model 1863 Army Revolver represents Remington's highest production martial pistol. This revolver makes an excellent backup or pocket gun, and would be right at home in a lady's purse. We have cartridge boxes, cap boxes, holsters, slings, powder measures Gun - Conversion Cylinder - 1849 Pocket Revolver - Uberti This cylinder is manufactured to fit the Remington 1858 steel-frame revolvers. Molded specifically to your gun using our state of the art molding process. 44 caliber pocket cleaning kit . 5" Barrel - 11284638 The Uberti 1862 Police Conversion offers true pocket size, excellent workmanship and great looks, just as any other Uberti replica. Pocket pistols were a favorite hideout gun  Remington Model Holster, LeMat Full-Scale Holster, Starr Model 1858 Army Revolver Pocket Pistol Holster, Private Contract Confederate Colt Holster – ca. Designed to fit on the front of your body to allow easy access to the revolver. Strictly avoid the very poor shooting 1863 . at the best online prices at eBay! The 1863 Pocket Remington, manufactured by Pietta, represents a pistol made to fit right in a coat pocket or any other small space. This design, which was intended to compete with Colt's metallic cartridge pocket revolvers, features a distinctive design in which the frame, octagonal barrel, and ejector housing were of a single piece. 36 (C9896) $6,950. Serving living history, theater, movie and TV production customers since 2003. flick in its spotless mickel plate with no sign of holster wear or powdwer burns. Made with 8 oz. Results 1 - 30 of 187 customizing your revolver. Conversion Cylinders Taylor's conversion cylinder line offers an easy conversion option from black powder to smokeless ammunition. . Colt 1862 Pocket Navy . Full line of old west / cowboy western leather holsters and gunbelts. 00 inch octagon barrel and six shot cylinder that retains 90% of 1863-65; total quantity about 32,000. Eventually, the design inspired the 1875 Remington, a true metallic cartridge revolver, but one that clearly shows the influences from the 1858. HL1102 Colt 1849 and 62' Pocket Holster for 5 to 5 1/2" Barrel HL1920 Indian War Colt and Remington Holster - Non Regulation HL1303 1863 Remington Slim Jim A favorite due to its light weight, excellent balance and easy concealment, this handy revolver is recognized by its highly polished brass frame with top strap and unique spur trigger. CIVIL WAR FLAP HOLSTER FOR REVOLVERS. See more The Sticky Holster is an amazing new self-securing concealment holster. Western leather holsters custom made by Chisholm’s Trail Leather just for you. Tobacco tin. The one for my Colt is a black holster and right handed. 5 inch barrel while the . I have been unable to identify a holster for a reproduction Remington 1863 "Pocket" cap lock revolver - the small . Made for order Leather 1863 Remington Pocket Pistol Holster. 36 (Navy) or . 31 "Pocket Pistol" by Pietta in  Holster walls 1863 Pocket Remington, 31 Caliber, Taylors and Co. Holster is made from two… (1000-766). The “1858 Remington” is a modern collector’s term for the Remington New Model Army. This percussion handgun is a Civil War specimen of the Remington-Beals Navy  Jan 29, 2018 We look back at the history of Remington revolvers from the 1850s to the 1870s, and Accessories · Ammo · Holsters · Knives · Optics/Lights · Suppressors . Includes leather holster. 1863 New Model (3rdModel) blued Hammer, Trigger, TG, and Rammer. Learn More » CIVIL WAR U. These are 5-s Taylor/Pietta 1863 Pocket Remington Brass . Contract REMINGTON New Model ARMY Made Circa 1863-64 With Leather Flap Holster! Here we present an antique Remington New Model Army Revolver, issued to a Union soldier circa 1863 Click for more info Call Cabela's. 44-caliber percussion models before moving on to create cartridge conversions like the six different models shown here. Remington & Sons 1858 (1861) New Model Army, Octagonal Blue 8" 6-Shot SA Single Action Pistol, MFD 1868 Antique CASED Antique REMINGTON New Model POCKET Revolver. Made of top grain cowhide and features durable tear resistant stitching. 00 TAC-435PIE. Holster can be sized to fit all versions of Colt’s Dragoons and Walker. Some blue remaining and zig zag pattern down the barrel. Gun has 85-95% case colors and approximately 70% plus original blue. Though factory records are vague, it is estimated that anywhere from 25 to 50 were built at the Hartford factory. Complete with a spur trigger, steel barrel, and steel backstrap. Traditions FR186351 Pietta 1863 Remington Pocket Black Powder Revolver 31 Caliber 3. Each holster's listing includes the manufacturer, the model, its photo, whether it's a wallet-style holster & its price, If available, each listing also includes the holster's Amazon rating & a link to it on Amazon. 1851 or 1860 Army Navy, Colt The Interesting History of Remington Revolvers From the 1850s-1870s Remington entered the revolver market in 1857 with . I have been waiting forever for one of these to appear. The holster “pocket” measures about 11” along its front edge. S. The stitching is intact, and the leather is firm. The strength of the Remington had always been the first issue in its favor. This revolver was designed for defensive carry and would have been equally at home in a holster, pocket or purse. Remington Model 1858  Both the Colt model 1860 and the Remington model 1858 styles were and . Its ball and cap . New Model Army/Navy revolvers, which were introduced circa 1863. Sewn with white linen thread. 312 round ball. 41 Rimfire Remington Model 95 which achieved such widespread popularity, that it has completely overshadowed all other designs, becoming synonymous with the word "Derringer". 32S&W cartridge Howell conversion cylinder in stock , gun is new in box. CIVIL WAR Antique Remington Zouave 1863 Rifle Only 12,501 Made for Union CASED Antique REMINGTON New Model POCKET Revolver A Very Nice Set for Display! New Model ARMY Made Circa 1863-64 With Leather Flap Holster! Black Leather, With Pocket For Cartridge Papers. CIVIL WAR CONFEDERATE PATTERN HOLSTER. 44 had a 5. Serial numbers of the New Model Army continued from the Model 1861 Army. 31 Capacity=5, Walnut Grip, Grooves/Twist=1:30" brass back strap and trigger guard1863 Pocket Remington Steel Revolver civlwar pistol Remington asked Rider to help develop a double action revolver. 31. 31-caliber 5-shot. 1863 Remington Pocket Pistol Small size Civil War Revolvers and Pistols, R & D Conversion Cylinder- Fall Creek Sutler Could be carried in a pocket or holster. 5" Barrel Brass Frame. The Alaska Hunter is a hip holster with ease of carry in mind. Complete wit Price: $58. 5 inch barrel. Rest Nickel Plated. Five star ratings from thousands of customers. As elegant as the Colt revolvers were they lacked the strength of the solid frame Remington. SWISS MODEL 1882 DOUBLE ACTION PISTOL WITH HOLSTER / STOCK This pocket Colt has a 5. I am glad I got the thumb release with it. Description. This design resulted in the Remington-Rider Pocket revolver which was introduced to the Remington product line circa 1860 and remained in production through 1873. Remington made a cartridge conversion in . Remington & Sons, Ilion, New York, c. I would like to get It's an E. 31 (Pocket) . Etienne tip -down revolver with skeleton + holster James Warner pocket percussion revolver Colt scarce Richards conversion of the model 1863 pocket of navy caliber. The Remington-Beals Model Revolvers along with subsequent models and variations were percussion revolvers manufactured by Eliphalet Remington & Sons in . 31(Black Powder), Percussion Revolver 1863 Remington Pocket Brass, barrel length 3 1/2"-8,9cm, walnut grip, cylinder and barrel black, frame brass, Pietta Italy. I find it works well with tactical shorts (ex LA Police Gear, or similar). Case hardening on the sides of trigger. I went to the Buffalo Arms website today and got the shock of my life, a conversion cylinder for the 1863 . Year 1855 - Date 04/03/2019 Remington New Army percussion revolver in cal 44 # 166 - € 2550 - Available Year 1863 - Date 04/03/2019 Bacon Pocket model percussion revolver, cal 31 # 83 - € 1285 - Available Year 1858 - Date 27/02/2019 Bacon Navy revolver, cal 38 RF . Remington Antique Derringers for Sale, 1858 - 1875 & More. This was designed to be carried in a pocket if needed as well as a holster. The Remington-Smoot New Model #1 is also sometimes known as the New Line Revolver #1. Black dyed. 1863 Pocket Remington Steel Frame - The 1863 Pocket Remington, manufactured by Pietta, represents a pistol made to fit right in a coat pocket or any other small space. The nipples you receive will be a perfect fit. 36 cal to my Remington . Made for order Leather 1863 Remington Pocket Pistol Holster. World's leading marketplace. Here we present an antique percussion Colt 1849 Pocket Revolver, made in 1863 in Hartford, Connecticut. Complete with a spur trigger, and walnut grips. Cylinders for your Colt and Pietta Cap & Ball Revolver Uberti® Reproduction Colt® 1862 Police 6 1/2" . This model is featured with a steel frame and a 5-shot cylinder. The holster rates in about Fine Plus condition. 32. 31 caliber revolver features a full frame and integral barrel and offers a spur trigger that is hidden or protected until the revolver is cocked. The 1863 Pocket Remington is 31 caliber and has a 3-1/2" octagonal barrel, 5-shot cylinder, fixed sights and walnut grips. After the war many of these raiders kept their weapons and gun leather. You often hear these referred to as Confederate but it could be either side. 31 caliber BP revolver” Seems the choice is 1863 Remington and 1849 Colt. 36 Black Powder Revolver, a fine tribute to the "pocket powerhouse" of yesteryear! Boasting a larger cylinder than the Colt® Pocket Revolvers that came before it, the 1862 Police . Spur trigger; 5-shot cylinder; 2-piece walnut grips #10 Cap Nipple Shooting the 1863 Remington Pocket Model. My first thought was that I might be able to wet remold a holster intended for a Ruger Bearcat. Cased with accessories. So, CT included a pocket holster for the Remington R51 with the laser unit. Very nice Remington Vest Pocket Model. 44 and see how the bullet weight vs velocity variations work out. 00; Historical Emporium. 1863 The 1863 Remington Pocket model gave Remington access to the lucrative pocket pistol market. I've used these for years for an 1858 Remington (replica) as well as a Colt Cavalry with a 7" barrel, and they are very utilitarian. (Left side, butt forward) 1863 Pocket Remington 31 Caliber Taylors and Co. Very nice flap holster with engraved cowboy riding horse. IWB, belly band, belt, shoulder, and more. swords, knives, and lock plates 1863 Remington . Great Holster, especially for summer. In 1865, with the civilian market for big bore swamped with surplus Civil War handguns, Remington developed a pocket-sized . The Old Model started production in 1861 with the slightly improved New Model Army coming out in 1863. The . The leather was used so much it has worn through in spots and is priced accordingly. Pietta 1863 Pocket Remington Parts* 1 x NK - Add-On Cost For Nickel Finish On Screws (Per Each Part) + $4. Uberti offers both an authentic version with blued and case-hardened steel, or a stainless steel model with target sights for competition shooting or hunting. REMINGTON VEST POCKET MODEL. Howell Conversions - GATED 1858 Remington Pietta . This Remington Pattern Brass . 31 caliber revolver for the concealed carry market. This holster will fit any of the large frame 1858 Remingtons and Colt Army, as well as the 1851 Colt Navy Line. 1863 Remington Pocket Pistol Small size Find best value and selection for your Black powder 1863 remington 31 cal model pocket revolver parts search on eBay. Approximately 126,000 were manufactured from 1863 to 1875. $2795: APACHE WARRIOR 7TH CAV. If the FFL is not on file it will often take additional time to ship. Right Draw Now I ship to Canada,UK, France All hand stitch no rivets Time to make 2 hours and 1 days to complete Light tooling leather veg tanned leather Dye: Mahogany Antique Due to the meticulous nature of the craft and character Resembling a miniature 1858 Remington, the Traditions 1863 Pocket Remington is perfect for small spaces. Both the 1851 and 1860 Black Powder revolvers made the West what it is today. 95 1863 The 1863 Remington Pocket model gave Remington access to the lucrative pocket pistol market. Guaranteed. Cylinder scene is Howdy all, Got another wild hair and want to get a “pocket model . Holster fits 7 1/2 inch barrel Colt Single Action Revolver. 31 Caliber 3. 1863 Models. , . Jul 30, 2013 The 1858 Remington is a single-action, cap-and-ball percussion revolver, and capped extra cylinders on your belt or in your pocket can be a bit dicey. Money-Back Guarantee. Made In 1863. Has sewn in plug at the tip as well as a sewn tab on the flap, per military regulations. Pocket Locker for Sig P365. The mold features a dual cavity which produces both ball and conical bullets. Over 280,000 of these were produced by Colt’s factory at Hartford by the end of the American Civil War in 1865. Ambidextrous. Price: $250. The inside is made of a slick pack cloth for a no-friction draw, and the core has just the right amount of foam to break up the outline of the gun. If you have experience with either or both of these, please offer your thoughts. 1863 Remington 31 Caliber Pocket Model Replica Right Hand Cross Draw Standard Style Open Toe Form Fit Revolver Holster. Pietta 1863 Pocket Remington Single Action Percussion Revolver, with 3 1/2" octagon  Results 1 - 29 of 45 Get the best deal for Remington Pocket Hunting Gun Holsters from the largest online selection at eBay. Each group listed below is an average of 6 shots. Remington sold the government more tha n 115,000 of the sturdy pistols, making the New Army the second most common revolver used by the North during the Civil War. S Issue Civil War Holster This is the standard issue holster. A Very Nice Set for Display! Here we present an antique Remington New Model Pocket Percussion Revolver, made circa 1873 in Ilion, New York. Pro Carry Pocket Holster ref # pietta part # our part # description 2 arp6002 6301p cylinder . Factory engraved Remington Vest Pocket Model 1 shot 22 cartridge. $750. Ask for 'Special Services'. CT understands that new guns will have few carry options available out of the gate. 1865 to 1873. $895: COPPER ARMBAND FOUND LITTLE BIG HORN. The Pro Carry Belt Ride is a high ride, belt slide, outside the waistband holster for concealed or open carry. I bought this revolver from a Antique Bowie Knife & Antique Firearms expert that has been collecting for around 60 years His name is Floyd Ritter he has been pictured in Antique Bowie Knife - Indian artifacts and Antique Firearms books , a lot of you may know Floyd from setting up at all of the major Gun - Civil war relics & Bowie Knife 1863 Remington 31 Caliber Pocket Model Replica Right Hand Cross Draw Standard Style Open Toe Form Fit Revolver Holster. Do NOT ask for 'Product Services". Many unique designs. Rod, I really really like that open top holster. 44 caliber six shot round cylinder. 00 Description: This is a dark brown, pressed paper fiber holster with metal closure stud. You might also find a piece of history if you come across an 1858 Remington for sale or a Remington 1875 for sale. 44 Army caliber that wouldn't blow up). We make these Western leather holsters one at a time, as you order them. Fix my gun! We send you a postage-paid box, you send us your gun, and it will be professionally repaired for a flat fee. By Pietta. TOBACCO TIN. 31 caliber replica made by Pietta. Pietta 1863 Pocket Remington Single Action Percussion Revolver, with 3 1/2" octagon barrel, blue steel, two-piece walnut grip, 5-shot cylinder, we have the 5-shot . 31 Caliber Caliber: . # 148 - € 2200 - Available New Online Store for Howell Old West Conversions, R&D Gun Shop, Howell Arms offers Cartridge Conversion Cylinders for Steel frame revolvers by Uberti, or Pietta. Remington produced them from approximately 1863-1888 in 3 ½” and 4 ½” barrel lengths and in both percussion and cartridge firing variants. Our holsters are hand made from 8-9 oz bridle leather. The Pocket Remington revolvers had been manufactured as  CrossBreed® Holsters makes the finest concealed carry holsters in America. Production was about 2,500 and smallest production of any of the New Model Remington revolvers. Gun - Revolver - 1863 Pocket Remington, Brass - Pietta $282. introducing the improved Army in 1861 and New Model Army and Navy in 1863. Lightweight; Excellent balance I don't know why but I keep looking at and wanting a replica '63 Remington pocket revolver. E. Its small compact design keeps your gun high and close to the body; Specifically molded to your gun giving it just the right amount of retention. It is worn on the right side, with the pistol butt forward. FACTORY ENGRAVED REMINGTON RIDER & HOLSTER. Our Assessment: The 1863 Pocket is a scaled-down version of the popular and well-liked Remington 1858. 44 caliber round balls • . With the later introduction of the 1849 Wells Fargo Pocket Revolver and the 1849 Pocket . Black Powder Revolver Select one of these thumbnail images to view it in the above larger display. By 1863, a more universal holster had been adopted for general use that would fit most of the standard issue revolvers like the Colt and Remington Army interchangeably. Sticky Holsters use the compression of your waistband against your body to secure both holster and weapon. The Guide's Choice™ Magazine Pouch is an ideal companion to the Guide's Choice™ Leather Chest Holster designed for semi-autos. Now it holds the . CASED Antique REMINGTON New Model POCKET Revolver A Very Nice Set for Display! Here we present an antique Remington New Model Pocket Percussion Revolver, made circa 1873 in Ilion, New York. The Triple K 310 Belt Holster is custom fit for black powder revolvers. For Sale/Trade: Pietta Steel Frame 1863 Remington Pocket Model Revolver with 2-32SW drop in conversion cylinders and 2-custom Caughey holsters 1863 Remington 31 Caliber Pocket Model Replica Right Hand Cross Draw Standard Style Open Toe Form Fit Revolver Holster. com. The only good way to make sure the shape and size actually fit your gun is to send a pencil tracing or a cut-out stiff paper template that fits your gun, so that I can match it to the nearest larger grip. 36 caliber revolver. Best service, best selection, best value! Historical Emporium - Authentic Period Clothing for Men and Women. 5-inch barrels during the Civil War. 5-Steel Finish Barrel, Length=8" Weight=1lbs5oz, Caliber=. Including holsters, gunbelts, and display cases. A fine factory engraved remington rider and holster. 5" Barrel Brass Frame FFL must be registered and on file. 44 Caliber Bullet Mold is a replica of the original mold for Remington revolvers. Both models were manufactured in Binghamton and Yonkers, New York. The Remington 1866 Derringer and variants can be seen in the following films, television series, video games, and anime used by the following actors: Vest Pocket It's an E. 44 (Army) caliber, used during the American Civil War, and was the beginning of a successful line of medium and large frame pistols. Cimarron Remington Pattern Brass . Rieger in Remington double derringer St. 31 caliber pistols, Colt’s success in the civilian market was assured. Holster, gun belt without bullet loops, and round brass buckle ~ $249. The original 19th century vest-sized pocket pistol was the Philadelphia Deringer. USA. e. 95. Browse your favorite brands  Traditions FR186351 Pietta 1863 Remington Pocket Black Powder Revolver 31 Caliber 3. Home :: Civil War Weapons - Revolvers & Pistols:: Gun - Revolver - 1863 Pocket Remington, Steel - Pietta Gun - Revolver - 1863 Pocket Remington, Steel - Pietta TAC-435PIEST The R51 handgun is one of those situations. Finding a holster for a new gun that has an attached aftermarket accessory, such as the Crimson Trace Laser Guard, is almost impossible. 31 caliber, 5-shot revolver features a blue barrel with brass frame and backstrap and spur trigger. Click on the picture to enlarge. $2595 1890s SIOUX INDIAN BEADED HOLSTER & MONEY BELT. Your holster works great . 31 The 1863 Pocket Remington is a scaled down version of the favorite 1858 remington model. Selling civil war rifles, muskets, carbines, and pistols civil war army colt, pocket pistol, and Remington. Our Remington collection showcases antique derringers for sale from a storied American gun maker that still makes its original product to this very day. Caliber . Rider relocated to Ilion, and by May 3, 1859 had been issued US Patent #23,861 for a double action percussion revolver. 31 caliber, 1863 Remington spur trigger revolver, but is just the ticket for any small frame revolver with a barrel 4” or  Need a Holster? Holster Icon . 1863 pocket remington holster

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